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Second Parent Adoption California

Is There a Difference Between Second Parent Adoption and Stepparent Adoption? Stepparent Adoption Basics If a biological parent has a child from a previous relationship, there are situations where the stepparent can legally adopt their spouse's child. The stepparent adoption process creates a new parent child relationship between the child and their stepparent. For the stepparent adoptions to take place, the non-custodial birth parent must consent to the step parent adoption first. If the child's birth parent does not consent, the stepparent must file to terminate the parental rights of the other parent through a separate legal process. If the court grants the...

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How Fast Can You Get a Divorce In California

how fast can you get a divorce in california

Timeline For a Fast and Easy Divorce in California If you plan on having an uncontested divorce, the timeline for the divorce process can be lengthy, but there are things that can help you save time during the process. To get a divorce in California, you or your spouse must first meet residency requirements. That requires that you or they lived in the state for at least six months before filing a petition. Once a person has lived in the state for six months or more, they are considered a California resident. If neither you nor your spouse meets residency requirements, you can...

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Best Roseville Child Support Lawyers

child support modification lawyer

Roseville Firm Represents Parents Involved in Child Support Cases If children do not live full-time in a parent's home, a child support order may be issued by the court if there are child custody arrangements. If you need assistance in establishing support or requesting a modification, the skilled attorneys in our Roseville office represent parents in Sacramento and Placer Counties. We can answer your questions about support or other family law issues. What Information is Considered? The court uses a calculator to establish child support guidelines for each case. This calculator uses a child support formula established by the California Legislature. The court considers the...

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Who Gets What? A Spousal Support Guide from McKean Family Law


Before even filing for divorce, it is very important to know your obligations or rights regarding spousal support. Learning why support is offered, how long it will be paid and exactly how much will need to be provided will help you better prepare for what to expect. In this article, we’re going to break down the essentials when it comes to figuring out who gets what as it pertains to divorce in California. What is It? Also known as alimony, spouse support is the term used to describe payments from one spouse to another after a divorce has been filed. It is typically...

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A New Normal in the Age of COVID 19

Family Law Teleconference

There are no two ways about it: The world is a scary place right now, what with the continuation of the sweeping Coronavirus pandemic and global violence that has broken out for a variety of socioeconomic and political reasons. We’re not here to throw more gasoline on that fire of fear – plenty of outlets and organizations have accomplished that already; rather, we are going to shine a light of hope and salvation in these uncertain times with regard to our specialty, family law, and inform our valued client base that we are still here for them via teleconferencing. McKean Family...

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