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How is Alimony Determined in California?

how is alimony determined in california

Alimony, or more accurately called spousal support in California, is divided into two categories: temporary support and permanent support. A spousal support award is intended to ensure that the lower earning spouse is able to support themselves both during and after the divorce. There are two types of spousal support: "temporary" and "permanent" spousal support. Both temporary and permanent spousal support awards are decided by a Judge if the spouses cannot agree on how much spousal support should be paid by the supported party contributed. Most counties in California use an alimony calculator to determine temporary alimony, but the Judge has...

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Responding to Divorce Summons in California

Responding to Divorce Summons in California

If you have been served with divorce papers, it is vital that you know your rights, respond promptly, and understand both the deadlines and limitations that go into effect against you as soon as you are served. Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders When you are served with divorce paperwork, it is highly important that you understand the temporary restraining orders that immediately go into effect. Yes, there are restraining orders that are put in place during all divorce filings, and as soon as you are served, you are bound by them. While they might not be the type of restraining orders you are...

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What do I do if my Spouse refuses to sign Divorce Papers?

spouse refuses to sign divorce papers

What do I do if my spouse refuses to sign divorce papers? Filing for a divorce from your spouse can be time consuming, complicated, and emotionally draining. It is hard enough to make the decision to file for divorce and move forward, let alone navigate the Court's processes and procedures to progress your case, especially if one spouse refuses to participate in the divorce process. The good news is that the Court has established a set of procedures that allows a party to move a divorce forward, even if the other spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers. It is important...

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Alimony and Palimony: What’s the Difference?

Alimony and Palimony

Just about everyone has heard the term “alimony,” but “palimony” isn’t quite as well-known to the general public. While the terms sound similar, there is very little about them that are the same. Alimony, in California, referred to as "spousal support" by the court, refers to a court-ordered payment that one spouse pays another spouse as part of a divorce settlement, while palimony is support that is paid to a cohabitating but never-married partner at the end of a relationship. Related: Dividing Assets In Divorce McKean Fun Fact: Palimony is not recognized in California under the family code. If you want support from...

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