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Considering a Divorce? Read This First

Divorce Lawyer Sacramento

Can you think of anything quite as emotion-draining, anxiety-inducing or stress-enhancing as a divorce? Among the most displeasing, uncomfortable things in life we have to deal with as adults, the process of separating after marriage ranks up there with the worst…and for good reason. Add children into the mix, and you have a recipe for unimaginable angst, jealousy, rage and a whole plethora of other emotions. But in some rare circumstances, this can be a relatively placid process, particularly if a couple doesn’t have children or many assets together; still, it will always involve a myriad of rules and paperwork –...

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The Basics of Visitation Rights as They Relate to Child Custody

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Couples with children will be faced with several important decisions to make in the event of a divorce or separation proceeding, and this can run the gamut from who will gain custody of the children to what type of custody rights each parent will retain and, depending on the situation, the arrangements regarding children visitation. In a general sense, the term “child custody” refers to the legal rights and responsibilities that a parent has over the control, care and upbringing of a child; into this foray comes the further complexity of ways to split custody rights, something we here at McKean...

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Domestic Abuse Against Men: It Happens More Often Than You Would Think

Domestic Abuse Against Men

With the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial all the rage on the networks and in the media these days, we thought it was as good a time as any to focus on domestic abuse against men – a phenomenon that happens more often than people think. Domestic abuse against men isn’t always easy to identify, to be sure, but regardless, it can be just as serious a threat as the more common violence towards women. Domestic violence – sometimes referred to as “intimate partner violence” – takes place between people who are (or who have been) involved in a close relationship,...

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Alimony and Palimony: What’s the Difference?

Alimony and Palimony

Just about everyone has heard the term “alimony,” but “palimony” isn’t quite as well-known to the general public. While the terms sound similar, there is very little about them that are the same. Alimony, in California referred to as "spousal support" by the court, refers to a court-ordered payment that one spouse pays another spouse as part of a divorce settlement, while palimony is support that is paid to a cohabitating, but never-married partner at the end of a relationship. McKean Fun Fact: Palimony is not recognized in California under the family code. If you want support from a non-marital partner in California, a...

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When to Choose a Family Lawyer

Choosing a Family Lawyer

As legal professionals that specialize in – you guessed it – family law matters, family lawyers can handle legal issues that relate to divorce, child custody, child support and guardianship, amongst others. When family disagreements rear their ugly heads, family attorneys can act as mediators, and they can also represent litigants in family conflicts that end up in courts. In this article, we’ll cover the reasons why certain situations would best be served by a family-oriented law firm. Divorce First and foremost, family law professionals are most seasoned in dealing with divorce cases, being that he or she can act as a...

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What You Need to Know About Child Support Laws in California – and the Responsibilities

Child Support in California

Child support can be best defined as the ongoing contribution of money to help pay for the living and medical expenses of a child, or children, until they reach adulthood. The amount that must be paid is known as the child support order, and under federal law, both parents share a legal duty to provide financial support for their children. Of course, the overall goal in these kinds of domestic situations is to let children share in the standard of living both parents engage in, and as such the court may order either or both parents to pay support.  When it...

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What You Need to Know When Divorce is Not Amicable

Divorce Law

Make no mistake – every divorce causes some kind of pain, namely in the emotional realm, and so-called “amicable” types aren't immune from this. However, an amicable approach is more civil in nature, and as such involves negotiating instead of litigating; this, of course, brings with it some upsides such as fewer court visits, less trauma on children, reduced legal costs and quicker resolution of the separation. In collaborative separations, both spouses retain lawyers, but the attorneys work as negotiators for the two of them, with the negotiations handled outside of the court. When non-amicable cases go to court, the judge...

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Domestic Violence and How it Affects Child Visitation Rights in California

Domestic Violence and Child Custody

Domestic abuse can assume any number of forms, from physical, mental and emotional to economic (where one partner controls all the finances). But irrespective of the form domestic abuse takes, it always leaves scars on the victims – and can even affect the way courts make decisions concerning child custody. In this McKean Family Law article, we will briefly explain what domestic violence is and how it affects child custody in the Golden State. If you have any questions following your reading of the article, we recommend you consult with one of the law experts at our office. Quick Overview In California, violence...

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Determining Paternity in California

Determining Paternity

What does a fatherhood test actually determine in the state of California…and what happens when an individual is determined to be considered a child’s father? Establishing paternity in California means that the court will determine who the legal and biological father of a child is.  This can be accomplished by either the parents or the courts; the child’s legal father is responsible for supporting his child, and in so doing, has the right to demand the child remain in his life.  Visitation and custody come into play once paternal parentage has been legally established. Of course, some obvious reasons for establishing paternal...

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Tips for Parents During Shared Custody: Knowing What’s Best for the Children

Child Custody

Co-parenting after a divorce is one of the hardest things us adults go through in life, but McKean Family Law is here to tell you that with some solid shared custody advice, you can give your children the stability, security and close relationships – with both parents – that they need. Co-parenting (that is, both parents playing an active role in their children’s daily lives) is the best way to ensure that all your kids’ needs are met while enabling them to retain close relationships with both you and your ex-spouse – unless your family has faced serious issues such as...

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