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Visitation Rights

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Is There An Age Child Can Refuse Visitation California?

Children can decide where to live only when they turn 18. It is a myth that children can choose which parent to live with once they reach 12 or 14 or even 16. Family court must consider all factors when there is a contested custody issue, but a child's stated custodial preference is a strong factor in California Courts when making custody and visitation orders. California law states that a child can express their preference regarding custody and visitation so long as they are of sufficient age to state an intelligent preference regarding the visitation arrangement. Normally a mediator will interview the...

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The Basics of Visitation Rights as They Relate to Child Custody

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Couples with children will be faced with several important decisions to make in the event of a divorce or separation proceeding, and this can run the gamut from who will gain custody of the children to what type of custody rights each parent will retain and, depending on the situation, the arrangements regarding children visitation. In a general sense, the term “child custody” refers to the legal rights and responsibilities that a parent has over the control, care, and upbringing of a child; into this foray comes the further complexity of ways to split custody rights, something we here at McKean...

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