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Child Custody: What Should a Parent Expect?

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Child Custody: What Should a Parent Expect?

Child Custody Law Roseville

Custody battles, especially for primary custody, can be one of the most challenging and embittering parts of a divorce or separation. There are so many misconceptions that it can be tricky to get the facts straight – and sometimes those facts can change between states, as well. This is why if you are pursuing primary custody of your child, it is important to retain a lawyer specializing in family law and/or custody.

We can tell you from vast experience that few family law issues are as vital to a family unit as child custody concerns; ultimately, a custody outcome determines the physical time each parent spends with the child and provides a blueprint, of sorts, with regard to the decision-making authority of both parents.

Grasping the legal principles about family law in Roseville will help you prepare for your custody battle. In addition to this post, we highly recommend you review your specific situation with a child custody attorney in Roseville – and McKean Family Law has just those kinds of experts on hand to take care of any situation.

Tips When Preparing for a Custody Case Court Date

When you enter a court to argue for custody, it is vital that you be as prepared as possible. Of course, with McKean in your corner, your arguments will be all lined up and ready to go, as we bring along the right people with the appropriate skills.

In general, here are some things you should think about:

  • Prepare Your Arguments Your McKean attorney will help you with this, but you should begin thinking of such things as suitable living arrangements for your child and providing the emotional support he or she needs.
  • Prepare Answers to Possible Questions If you have a full-time job and a young child, for instance, it’s likely the judge will ask about where your child will go after school and where he or she will sleep if you are living in small quarters. Have answers to such questions ready to go.
  • Bring Along Important People This can include babysitters or teachers who can effectively support your arguments for being a great parent.
  • Look the Part Dress in formal yet conservative clothing while exhibiting hair and makeup that puts out the “I’m a responsible adult” vibe.

Additionally, you should:

  • Expect a Small Setting Unlike a criminal matter, a family law case is less “adversarial;” the matter is generally presented in a much smaller setting than one might imagine.
  • Expect a Limited Time Frame Judges, mediators and custody adjudicators hear a plethora of cases on a daily basis, so there’s a high chance that a custody case won’t last very long because there may be a number of sessions being conducted.
  • Plan for Multiple Testimonies Parents, children and witnesses will testify about their experiences with the child and the parents, and the parties may also form an opinion regarding which parent may be better suited to serve as the primary caretaker.


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