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Finding the Best Family Law Attorney in Roseville

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Finding the Best Family Law Attorney in Roseville

Family Law Sacramento

Deciding on a family law attorney is no easy task, but there are a number of attorneys in California who are capable of representing you properly – the key is doing your homework in the form of asking the right questions before you hire anyone. In the case of a divorce lawyer, choosing the right divorce attorney is the first crucial step of the divorce process (and the same tactic applies to finding a quality child custody lawyer).


When it comes to seeking out the most effective practitioners of family law Roseville has to offer; there are three fundamental ways to find appropriate attorneys with which to discuss your case. We recommend utilizing these methods to compile a list of lawyers worthy of entering into an initial consultation with you.

• Inquire of family and friends for referrals with regard to family lawyers boasting good reputations; indeed, this is an ideal way of knowing if an attorney is knowledgeable and trustworthy.
• Conduct an online search, which will present you with a wide variety of choices that you can pick from based on your particular needs.
• Use a family law Sacramento office’s website to learn more about the practice.

Basic Requirements for Finding a Quality Family Law Attorney

Once you narrow your search down to two to three family law Sacramento attorneys who you are considering working with, call their offices and ask these three questions:

• Can the attorney represent you in the California county wherein your divorce (if that’s what you’re calling about) will take place?
• Is the attorney a board-certified family law specialist, certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization?
• Does he or she focus on family law solely?

McKean Pro Tip: If you are told, during this inquiry phase, that no one in your area meets this criterion, do not believe them. Keep conducting more research until you find the appropriate divorce lawyer, child custody lawyer or attorney for whatever it is you need.

McKean Family Law provides legal services pertaining to all family law matters, including divorce and child custody, and there’s a reason why we’re often called the type of experience in family law Roseville has been waiting for. Call us today at (916) 666-7874 for a consultation or more information.