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How Fast Can You Get a Divorce In California

how fast can you get a divorce in california

Timeline For a Fast and Easy Divorce in California If you plan on having an uncontested divorce, the timeline for the divorce process can be lengthy, but there are things that can help you save time during the process. To get a divorce in California, you or your spouse must first meet residency requirements. That requires that you or they lived in the state for at least six months before filing a petition. Once a person has lived in the state for six months or more, they are considered a California resident. If neither you nor your spouse meets residency requirements, you can...

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Considering a Divorce? Read This First

Divorce Lawyer Sacramento

Can you think of anything quite as emotion-draining, anxiety-inducing or stress-enhancing as a divorce? Among the most displeasing, uncomfortable things in life we have to deal with as adults, the process of separating after marriage ranks up there with the worst…and for good reason. Add children into the mix, and you have a recipe for unimaginable angst, jealousy, rage and a whole plethora of other emotions. But in some rare circumstances, this can be a relatively placid process, particularly if a couple doesn’t have children or many assets together; still, it will always involve a myriad of rules and paperwork –...

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What You Need to Know When Divorce is Not Amicable

Divorce Law

Make no mistake – every divorce causes some kind of pain, namely in the emotional realm, and so-called “amicable” types aren't immune from this. However, an amicable approach is more civil in nature and, as such, involves negotiating instead of litigating; this, of course, brings with it some upsides, such as fewer court visits, less trauma on children, reduced legal costs, and quicker resolution of the separation. In collaborative separations, both spouses retain lawyers, but the attorneys work as negotiators for the two of them, with the negotiations handled outside of the court. When non-amicable cases go to court, the judge...

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Everything There is to Know About Divorce Law Basics

Divorce Law Basics

The legal termination of marriage is referred to by different names, with “divorce” and “dissolution of marriage” being the two that are most recognizable. Couples seeking a divorce must obtain one through a court judgement, after which they will be awarded a judicial decree that renders the marriage dissolved. Following the legal finalization of a divorce, both parties are free to remarry, pending time restrictions in some jurisdictions – and this varies. Various issues may be addressed via divorce orders depending on the specific circumstances of the parties involved in the divorce, such as children for whom provisions must be made...

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Finding the Best Family Law Attorney in Roseville

Family Law Sacramento

Deciding on a family law attorney is no easy task, but there are a number of attorneys in California who are capable of representing you properly – the key is doing your homework in the form of asking the right questions before you hire anyone. In the case of a divorce lawyer, choosing the right divorce attorney is the first crucial step of the divorce process (and the same tactic applies to finding a quality child custody lawyer). Methods When it comes to seeking out the most effective practitioners of family law Roseville has to offer; there are three fundamental ways to...

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The Ins-and-Outs of Legal Separation in California

Legal Separation in California

Unbeknownst to a significant number of residents living in the Golden State, filing for legal separation is similar to the divorce process, the primary difference being that the parties’ marital status does not end upon division of marital assets and debts. Put succinctly, the “legal separation” process in California allows couples to lead separate lives, though the marital status isn’t eradicated; the petitioner must file a petition for legal separation, and the respondent must file a response – or the matter proceeds by default. What’s more, both parties must exchange disclosures, which are considered mandatory, and the same process applies...

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Top Five Tips for Finding a Divorce Lawyer

There are few things in life as messy as a divorce. From the range of emotions that raise stress to unparalleled levels to the toll the entire process places on everyone involved, including children, separation of husband and wife is just a cruel reality we sometimes find ourselves in. When it comes time to find the right lawyer for your particular needs, it’s imperative that you are armed with all the essentials necessary – after all, this is a legal battle that both sides want to win for a myriad of reasons. In this post, we’re going to share our top...

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