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What to do When You Need Child Support Legal Advice

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What to do When You Need Child Support Legal Advice

Child Support Attorney

Whether you need to resolve the issue of child support payments as part of a divorce decree, or you’re an unmarried parent involved in a support dispute, challenging economic and family issues need to be resolved objectively and reasonably. Most legal matters involving children – be it child custody or traditional support – tend to be emotionally draining for the parents attempting to manage the situation in a morality-grounded manner.

But how do you go about finding an attorney that specializes in support and family law? What are the types of things to look for when cross-shopping attorneys and law firms if you need help with such support matters? We’re going to explain the benefits of obtaining professional legal help with the support process while pointing out the ways in which McKean Family Law handles these often times complicated situations.

First and foremost, it should be understood that when you and your co-parent no longer get along, it can be easy to forget that the purpose of support is to make sure the child’s (or children’s) best interests are taken care of by both people. Even though legal disputes involving support bring with them the potential for overt stress and emotion, it’s in you and your child’s best interests to seek legal help.

The following are issues to consider with regard to a possible support case:

  • In your particular case, has the issue of paternity been established?
  • Is there any possible way you and your co-parent can agree on a support payment plan?
  • In terms of a support order, will you need to go to court in order to obtain one?
  • Just how much support is available in your situation?
  • What factors will be taken into consideration if a court looks into setting an amount of support?
  • What are your enforcement options should support not be paid by the co-parent?
  • When does support obligation end?
  • Will your finances be affected by supporting a child?
  • What is the impact of supporting a child on your tax responsibilities?

If you find yourself in the midst of a custody battle, whether you expect to pay or receive support for a child, you need to retain a lawyer who will look out for your best interests – as well as your child’s (as you should have already gathered from the aforementioned information).

So now we get to how to go about finding the best attorney for such matters; indeed, these lawyers represent the voice for young children who, in these unfortunate situations, often aren’t heard. But, such attorneys can also be hired following the death of a guardian or in the event of neglect and abuse. Make no mistake about it: These scenarios are far from pleasant, but the right law firm can make all the difference.

The following are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a lawyer to handle your case:

  • Know Your Case – Be aware of what you’re getting involved in by understanding your exact needs in a support case.
  • Check for Experience – Studying his or her level of expertise is the best way to discover what a lawyer is really about.
  • Search Locally – Look for a lawyer who is familiar with your state’s laws; we here at McKean understand California law like few others do.
  • Set a Budget – Consider your own financial situation as you narrow down the search for different firms.
  • Meet in Person – Don’t make any set-in-stone decisions without setting up a face-to-face meeting.


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