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Child Support

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Second Parent Adoption California

Is There a Difference Between Second Parent Adoption and Stepparent Adoption? Stepparent Adoption Basics If a biological parent has a child from a previous relationship, there are situations where the stepparent can legally adopt their spouse's child. The stepparent adoption process creates a new parent child relationship between the child and their stepparent. For the stepparent adoptions to take place, the non-custodial birth parent must consent to the step parent adoption first. If the child's birth parent does not consent, the stepparent must file to terminate the parental rights of the other parent through a separate legal process. If the court grants the...

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Best Roseville Child Support Lawyers

child support modification lawyer

Roseville Firm Represents Parents Involved in Child Support Cases If children do not live full-time in a parent's home, a child support order may be issued by the court if there are child custody arrangements. If you need assistance in establishing support or requesting a modification, the skilled attorneys in our Roseville office represent parents in Sacramento and Placer Counties. We can answer your questions about support or other family law issues. What Information is Considered? The court uses a calculator to establish child support guidelines for each case. This calculator uses a child support formula established by the California Legislature. The court considers the...

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Is Spouse Income Considered in Child Support in California?

is spouse income considered in child support in california

Many people ask if the income of a new spouse of a party receiving or paying child support is factored into the child support calculation. The answer for either the payor or the payee is no, for the most part. While there are many factors used in calculating child support, a new spouse's income is not one of them. A new spouse is not obligated to support a child from a prior marriage or relationship. Child support is intended to ensure that the child's basic needs are being met in both parents' households. The responsibility of making sure the child's basic...

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What You Need to Know About Child Support Laws in California – and the Responsibilities

Child Support in California

Child support can be best defined as the ongoing contribution of money to help pay for the living and medical expenses of a child or children until they reach adulthood. The amount that must be paid is known as the child support order, and under federal law, both parents share a legal duty to provide financial support for their children. Of course, the overall goal in these kinds of domestic situations is to let children share in the standard of living both parents engage in, and as such, the court may order either or both parents to pay support.  When it...

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How Winter Creates Child Custody Issues

Even the best-crafted custody agreement does not take into consideration every single situation that could possibly arise. In these circumstances, you must often make a judgment call; case in point: Your child is running a high fever, making it not in his or her best interest that he or she return to you for your designated custodial time. With winter upon us, you may also find yourself required by your custody order to exchange your child in the midst of a snowstorm or, worse, a blizzard; again, you should use your best judgment in deciding whether to follow the custody agreement. Here...

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How the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Affect Your Child Support

Child Support and Covid 19

The global pandemic known as Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has wreaked havoc not only on the medical elements of society but on millions of working people who have either lost their employment or their own businesses. While many people aren’t really thinking about it, this worldwide emergency has begun to affect every corner of law, as well, including family law matters such as child support. At the heart of all this is what we touched on above – the challenges faced by those who have lost employment or a significant reduction of income. If you are currently paying support and your income...

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What to do When You Need Child Support Legal Advice

Child Support Attorney

Whether you need to resolve the issue of child support payments as part of a divorce decree, or you’re an unmarried parent involved in a support dispute, challenging economic and family issues need to be resolved objectively and reasonably. Most legal matters involving children – be it child custody or traditional support – tend to be emotionally draining for the parents attempting to manage the situation in a morality-grounded manner. But how do you go about finding an attorney that specializes in support and family law? What are the types of things to look for when cross-shopping attorneys and law firms...

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